Hulu is now rocking 17 million subscribers

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Today Hulu announced in a statement sent to Cord Cutters News that they ended 2017 with over 17 million total subscribers across its subscription on demand (SVOD) and live TV plans in the U.S. Although Hulu isn't releasing specific audience data, the company did offer some insights into which of its offerings rate best with subscribers.

Hulu says its total on-demand library now has more than twice the number of episodes available on any of the other leading streaming services - over 75,000 episodes of television across 1700 titles.

Also a year ago, Hulu finally garnered some awards prestige by nabbing 10 Emmy Awards for "The Handmaid's Tale", including the first best drama series Emmy won by a streaming service, and two Golden Globes, including best drama series. Hulu also revealed that its viewers have a median age of 31 (nearly 25 years younger than the average broadcast TV viewer) - and a median annual household income of $92,000.

The top three dramas on Hulu based on hours watched in 2017 were "Law & Order: SVU", "This is Us" and "The Handmaid's Tale", according to Huluy. Hulu also launched a Live TV service, which definitely helps to attract more subscribers.

That kind of performance reflects viewers' growing appetite not only for genre content, but for the freedom to cut the cord and watch TV their way. Hulu has also had a history of management tumult-last October CEO Mike Hopkins left for Sony TV and was replaced by Randy Freer, the former president and COO of Fox Networks Group-and has been losing money. That included adding all existing episodes of more than 600 series, including "This Is Us", "Designated Survivor", "Atlanta", "Futurama", "30 Rock", "Black-ish", "Lost", "How I Met Your Mother", "Bob's Burgers", "Will & Grace", "Power", "Golden Girls", "Prison Break", "Full House" and "Family Matters". Hulu's a long way from reaching the kind of subscription base that Netflix enjoys globally, but the fact it's able to grow alongside its competitors shows we haven't yet hit a ceiling. The show also got Hulu 10 Emmys in September and was one of the service's top three watched dramas a year ago.

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