Intel presents drone light show over Bellagio Fountains this week

Intel partners with Ferrari for AI and drone support at Ferrari Challenge series

Intel partners with Ferrari for AI and drone support at Ferrari Challenge series Enlarge

Drone light shows have become a pretty popular marketing ploy for companies like Intel, who can show off their sophisticated software platforms required to pull off synchronizations of this scale.

At CES 2018, Intel set a new Guinness World Records* title for Most UAVs airborne simultaneously from a single computer indoors when it flew 100 Intel Shooting Star Mini drones as part of an indoor drone light show on Sunday (7 January). It was the Super Bowl halftime show at the Lady Gaga performance. The drones used in the show are custom-built for entertainment purposes with a lightweight structure and emit more than 4 billion color combinations. They are interesting because they can locate themselves in space without the need for Global Positioning System. They danced on the Kygo's "Stargazing" song.

Want to buy one?

Even though these little drones seem like they might be the ideal in-house drone toy, that's not what Intel intends for them. While not available for consumers, the system, designed specifically for light shows, appears to be expanding to more venues. The user can pre-program a routine into the system and then set a swarm of them out into the air rather than control each individually. The Shooting Star Mini drones then go out and follow the choreography.

Intel says drones equipped with number-crunching AI programs could spped up the process thanks to real-time data analysis that may "find unexpected insights that the driver can use to improve". Intel noted, "A single pilot can fly up to 100 of them at once".

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