Japan's Abe rejects calls for apology to 'comfort women'

Shinzo Abe wife Akie while boarding the PM's official plane one of which has lost a wing panel

Shinzo Abe wife Akie while boarding the PM's official plane one of which has lost a wing panel

South Korean President Moon Jae-In on Wednesday called for a "heartfelt apology" from Japan to the victims of wartime sex slavery, condemning a 2015 agreement as a "wrongful" solution.

Japan and South Korea share a bitter history that includes Japan's 1910-45 colonization of the peninsula and the "comfort women" issue is especially touchy.

The ministry, however, said it would not seek to renegotiate the deal.

Abe said that Japan and Estonia have had a close relationship over the last few years, and that at this point some 100,000 Japanese tourists visit Estonia every year.

While Seoul said this week it will not bring the deal back to the drawing board out of respect for bilateral ties, it said the deal had come about the "wrong way" and sought another "heartfelt apology" from Japan.

But negotiations on how to use the funds or any extra measures for the victims are expected to face a tough road ahead as Japan remains defiant. Keeping this promise is an worldwide and universal principle. "We want to continue to strongly ask South Korea to do the same". Following Moon's remarks, the Japanese government reportedly filed a formal protest with the South Korean Embassy in Tokyo. Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said his participation in the games would depend on his parliamentary schedule.

One of the jumbo jets used by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for his foreign trips lost a wing panel during a flight.

"In theory, historical issues can be separated from security issues, but in reality, it cannot", Kim told The Korea Herald.

Adding that the comfort women issue has been dug up over and over again for "domestic political gain", he cited that historians have found that South Korean soldiers were culpable of raping Vietnamese women during the Vietnam War, as he called this an "uncomfortable truth" that Seoul has glossed over.

"I don't think Korea-Japan ties will get worse". They have demanded the deal be invalidated, saying the government did not consult with them in advance and Japan's apology was not honest.

Moon had lambasted the agreement on the campaign trail and was elected president in May after Park was impeached and jailed over a massive corruption scandal.

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