Jeff Sessions' Marijuana Crackdown Is Un-American, Says Ron Paul

Jeff Sessions' Marijuana Crackdown Is Un-American, Says Ron Paul

Jeff Sessions' Marijuana Crackdown Is Un-American, Says Ron Paul

Eight states, including California, have now legalized marijuana for recreational use and more than 30 have medical marijuana programs.

Sessions may embrace federalism only when it suits his fancy, but the Senate should embrace it here and leave the war on marijuana up to the states that still choose to wage it, and not force it upon those that don't. Its out of step with current knowledge about the risks and benefits of marijuana, which the federal government classified as a Schedule I drug in 1970. The feds vowed to only intervene if marijuana was ending up in the hands of high profile gangs or children.

"I predict that Sessions is not going to be victorious on this", Paul told Smerconish.

"By rescinding the Cole Memo, Jeff Sessions is acting on his warped desire to return America to the failed beliefs of the "Just Say No" and Reefer Madness eras", said Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director in a statement.

I'm talking about the cases where tons of marijuana get moved from Jamaica through the U.S. Sessions states in the one-page memo that the DOJ has "finite resources" and prosecutors should follow "the well-established principals that govern federal prosecutions" which include "the seriousness of the crime, the deterrent effect of criminal prosecution, and the cumulative impact of particular crimes on the community". What will happen to those folks, among others currently engaged with the industry, has now been thrown into a new state of uncertainty by Sessions' move.

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States with legalized marijuana are concerned, as are investors, growers, consumers, and banks that underwrite marijuana businesses.

Under the Sessions policy reversal, a cancer patient now using a marijuana-based drug to ease pain or nausea may have that right taken away.

Federal laws outlawing marijuana violate the Constitution, justify violations of civil liberties, and increase violence. MA and ME have also passed laws for sales of recreational use but they have yet to go in effect.

However, Troyer landed his job when the previous Obama appointed USA attorney stepped down.

But the change will undoubtedly create some confusion and an uneven landscape, said John Walsh, the former US attorney for Colorado appointed by Obama who left the office in 2016.

While state and local leaders may see marijuana as a taxable cash crop, the Trump administration has a different point of view.

But Michael Gordon, CEO and co-founder of Kush Tourism, which serves as a travel guide for cannabis tours, shops, accommodations and activities in states where marijuana is legal, said cannabis tourism is on track to be big business. According to Troyer, this policy will not change.

For one thing, Sessions didn't say anything about prosecuting the legal production, sale and consumption of marijuana.

None of this will bother the attorney general, a lifelong antidrug crusader who runs the Justice Department like its 1988, when the war on drugs was at full throttle and the knee-jerk political response was to be as punitive as possible.

Starting January 1, 2018 the amount of plants a household can legally have was lowered. Numerous large grows similar to this example were grow operations that were selling the marijuana out of state and were at times connected to large organized crime operations. But too many lives are at stake to worry about being fashionable.

Grass Roots opened 13 years ago to sell medical marijuana. But it doesn't necessarily need them. Jeff Sessions is simply enforcing laws that are already on the books, but Obama's justice department refused to defend. To start off the new year the Teller County Sheriff's Office conducted a search warrant and made a number of arrests for growing marijuana illegally. Outlawing drugs also provides incentives for drug dealers to increase the potency, and thus the danger, of drugs, as higher potency products take up less space and are thus easier to hide from law enforcement.

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