Kylie Jenner Can't Shake The Idea Of Travis Scott Cheating

Kylie Jenner Can't Shake The Idea Of Travis Scott Cheating

Kylie Jenner Can't Shake The Idea Of Travis Scott Cheating

Just days earlier, Us Weekly reported that Kylie had no immediate plans for a pregnancy reveal and that she is being "stubborn" about keeping her privacy.

People have been certain that Kylie Jenner is pregnant for what seems like the longest time ever.

Multiple sources close to Kylie and Travis Scott tell us.

The caption actually reads, '#Throwback with #Dream I can't wait for #minikylie', so no it's not Ky's baby in the snap but her niece Dream!

Kylie Jenner may or may not be going into labor as I type this sentence.

'She's very happy about the pregnancy but she doesn't want to share this with the world, ' the UsWeekly source claimed.

The source added that "anything sharp" has pre-emptively been moved out of Kylie's house as she approaches her due date. "Anything sharp has already been taken out", the insider said.

'She spent her adolescent life on television and has been famous for over 10 years now. "I'm not sure what upset her more, the comment about Travis not wanting her anymore or the stuff about her baby's face".

A source said: "She loves to talk about the nursery. They think her age is both deceptive and irrelevant, because she's developed a maturity way beyond her years".

'Her not being out is strictly personal preference.

"Kim has been comforting Kylie by reminding her of all the mean things Wendy's even said about her, like the time she predicted that her and Kanye were going to be over right after North was born", the source reveals", adding, "That was nearly five years ago and now they're about to welcome their third child".

Over on Twitter, the customer complaints she alluded to have been prominent, with jilted buyers firing off things like, "I ordered from [Daya by Zendaya] on November 23rd and have yet received a tracking number and I'm scared", and "Ordered my [Daya by Zendaya] order a month ago".

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