Less snow expected from storm as temperatures plunge

Weather advisory extended

Winter storm headed into San Diego Monday night

Snow and blowing snow is likely from Wednesday evening through Thursday morning according to forecasters with the National Weather Service in Omaha/Valley. The picture from MacDonald pass speaks a thousand words- slick, icy roads, covered in snow, and many other places also have high winds, causing blowing snow and low visibility.

Friday-Friday night: Snow, or rain changing to snow, could extend from the mid-Mississippi Valley into the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes.

Storm Tracker Radar is quiet for now, but a *Winter Weather Advisory* is in effect through noon tomorrow for mainly northern and western counties due to potential whiteout conditions tonight into tomorrow morning. Strong northwest winds will develop late tonight and continue through Thursday.

Southern California weather forecasts are predicting a powerful storm to roll into the county on Monday and Tuesday with snow likely in the San Diego mountain regions.

The winter storm that triggered deadly mudslides in California dumped more than a foot of snow and an inch of heavy rain on the Sierra Nevada. Otherwise, mostly cloudy, with a high near 40. The snow should wind down for most areas by Thursday afternoon. In terms of snowfall totals, we're looking at a general "coating to an inch" across Northeast Kansas, with the "heavier" amounts farther north/west (where it will be raining/snowing first). We have high confidence in our rain and snow forecast tonight/tomorrow and there's no doubt it's going to be cold and dry this weekend. New snow accumulation of less than one inch possible. Significant snow and ice accums are possible Fri/Sat. Keep abreast of the latest forecasts leading up to the end of the week. The chance is lower from Huntsville southeast, but it's certainly not zero; we won't "know" until about 12-18 hours ahead of the event.

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