LG WK9 smart display device announced at CES 2018

Amazon Alexa Expands, Bathroom To Laundry Room

LG WK9 smart display device announced at CES 2018

Hardware manufacturers have launched a wide array of new smart home products, most of which come with either Amazon's Alexa or the Google Assistant.

On the show floor, it smoothly scrolled through demo applications popping up info in ways we're used to seeing on our phones or through Android Auto.

The new Google Assistant gadgets unveiled Monday at the CES trade show in Las Vegas mark the first challenge to Amazon's Echo Show and the smaller Echo Spot, which also has a display.

During the media days before the kickoff of CES this week - the show floor doesn't open until Tuesday - newly announced Alexa-enabled devices ranged from classic electronics (a Hisense television, a Garmin GPS device), to cutting edge (a $1,000 pair of smart glasses).

In order to link the devices, users are required to connect to them through the Google Home app or Google Assistant on their smartphone. "They are starting to express a lot more intent", he said. Last year, Amazon's Alexa was the big buzz, but this year, Google managed to get it's Google Assistant into dozens of gadgets and on billboards everywhere.

Scott Huffman, Google Assistant vice president of engineering, who appeared at LG's news conference as a guest, said he was confident that the artificial intelligence assistant could work in many more household items. The smart display comes with Assistant inside and an always-listening feature to hear for commands. Of those devices, 39 million will be smart speakers, up from 27 million units shipped in 2017. With a display, Google Assistant will be able to play a YouTube video, search for map directions, call a cab and track it, as well as pull up images through Google Photos.

You won't find a section dedicated to the Assistant apps in the Google Home app anymore. "And in the vehicle a true automotive assistant, which knows what drivers want and how cars work, is probably a better choice for the "driving" end of that interface than a general objective assistant coming from the home environment".

But where motorists typically have to learn fairly rigid voice commands to operate the onboard enTune system, Alexa can understand and respond to much more natural speech, while also offering a much wider array of services and functions.

So much so that according to a report from Bloomberg, Google could be considering revamping it online store where the focus is made on Google Assistant and the various devices that support it.

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