Madrassas encourge students to join terrorist ranks: Shia body

Madrasas produce terrorists not doctors or engineers Shia Board chief writes to PM Modi CM Adityanath

Madrassas encourge students to join terrorist ranks: Shia body

"Students of the madrasas are unemployable and these madrasas must be converted into convent schools and Islamic education should become optional", the letter accessed by the local media.

Shia Central Waqf Board Chairman Wasim Rizvi has again stirred controversy by claiming that madarsas produce terrorists and not highly employed people as their education system is low and the maulvis are involved in business of taking funds.

General secretary of the national level body of clerics, Majlis-e-Ulama-e-Hind (MUH), Maulana Kalbe Jawad asked for Rizvi to be arrested for hate-comments that could spoil the country's atmosphere. "The number of terrorists coming out of madrasas is much higher", he claims. He claimed that these madrassas were mushrooming in nearly every city, town and village and were providing "misplaced and misconceived religious education".

Suggesting that the madrasas under formal education boards, Rizvi added, "Madrasas be affiliated to CBSE, ICSE and allow non-Muslim students". Citing instances, Rizvi has said, in the last 70 years of independence, only a handful of Muslims who have studied in madrasas could clear the civil services exams, and they could do so only after opting for modern education.

In a letter written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Rizvi said, "How many Madrasas have produced engineers, doctors, IAS officers?"

"These madrasas are causing vast harm to the society as students passing out from these institutions are cut off from the mainstream and lack skill for any employment". He alleged that the madrassas were being funded from Pakistan and Bangladesh, and even by some terror outfits.

He also challenged Rizvi to to show one madrasa where such teachings are imparted. "If he has proof then he should go and show it to the Home Minister", AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi told ANI. Rizvi said that the employability of students passing out from madrassas was very poor at present and they do not get good jobs.

The Shia Waqf Board had said that all madrassas being run on Waqf properties would be shut down after as many as 51 girls were rescued on December 30 in a raid on a madrassa in Uttar Pradesh.

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