Mazda, Toyota select Alabama for new USA auto manufacturing plant

Toyota-Mazda’s $1.6 billion Alabama plant leaves room to expand

Mazda, Toyota select Alabama for new USA auto manufacturing plant

The factory will build up to 300,000 vehicles, half of them being the Toyota Corolla and the other half being a new Mazda crossover vehicle.

Toyota had originally planned to build a new Corolla plant in Mexico, but after the joint venture plans were announced in August, Toyota changed course and chose to build the Tacoma pickup at the plant in Mexico and the new Corolla at the new US plant.

"Great news as Toyota and Mazda announce they are bringing 4,000 JOBS and investing $1.6 BILLION in Alabama, helping to further grow our economy!" said Trump. Though that final site selection has occurred in Alabama, we believe we've built a strong case for future automotive manufacturing projects to locate in Louisiana.

Project New World, the code name given to the plant, has been the topic of much conversation among economic developers across the region as several states hoped to receive the $1.6 billion plant.

Governor Kay Ivey has hinted at revealing big news at Tuesday night's State of the State Address. In 2017, Alabama was tied for fifth place with Tennessee among U.S. states in auto production, behind Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. For Mazda, the plant represents an enhanced commitment to the USA market with an increased focus on manufacturing and sales in the country. The Huntsville area has 50,000 auto-related jobs, Carter said, calling the new plant an "additive to an already-robust manufacturing sector in northern Alabama". I don't see how we're proving people wrong.

In Montgomery, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama produced 328,400 cars and SUVs during 2017, along with 620,159 engines.

The State of Alabama is the fifth largest producer of cars and light trucks nationally with a strong automotive manufacturing presence including Toyota's engine plant in Huntsville, where Toyota employs 1,400 workers.

Toyota now has 11 plants within the United States.

In the coming months, after obtaining approvals and authorization by antitrust agencies, the new joint venture will be established, and site preparations will begin with the start of production in 2021.

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