Media figures label Trump racist after immigration remarks

Media figures label Trump racist after immigration remarks

Media figures label Trump racist after immigration remarks

The African Union Mission in Washington DC has condemned Donald Trump's derogatory statements allegedly made about Africa and Haiti.

There also has been a larger industry discussion on whether to label the president of the United States as a "racist" - on air and in chyrons - on television.

Many in this prosperous Scandinavian country were already asleep, but several prominent Norwegians who were still online took to Twitter to vent their outrage and disgust, not only at Trump's vulgar language but at what many saw as a racially tinged insult.

"And if they say we don't have that, say, 'Well, look again, '" she added.

The Republican from Florida issued a statement.

"But they have no confirmation yet", Saati said. "And whether you vote for me or you don't vote for me, I really want to be your greatest champion, and I will be your champion whether you vote for me or not". Don't get all upset, don't start criticizing, yelling.

"Generally, I prefer for network anchors to pose questions, rather than answer them", former CNN correspondent Frank Sesno said of cable news coverage. "We got to look at each other as human beings, not about color", Diallo said. "I hope you are", Lemon said.

Miami's Haitian-American community leaders planned to spend Friday remembering the hundreds of thousands of lives lost in the horrific 2010 quake on the island.

"We were planning to commemorate the 8th anniversary of the quake".

White House physician Ronny Jackson's short, 33-word statement gave no further details about the exam, which took place at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Friday afternoon before Trump and the first lady left for a weekend in Florida.

Haitians weren't the only people offended by the president's comments. That is not the kind of statement the leader of the free world should make, and he ought to be ashamed of himself.

"He is the president. There are still people who haven't been found", Bastien said. We're not from a s--hole country.

I am sure that the President will begin to call it Fake News. "Sometimes the way he expresses is, I think, is not the right way to do it". "Everyone needs to fix something".

In Rosen's opinion, the focus should be on protecting Haitians' status in the U.S.

In a statement it said it had asked the USA government, through its ambassador, to "clarify" if the derogatory remark also applied to Botswana given that there were Botswana nationals living in the United States and others who wished to go there.

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