Meet the Tesla-challenging 161mph Fisker EMotion electric and self-driving vehicle

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Step aside Tesla: £95000 Fisker EMotion EV charges to a range of 125 miles in just nine minutes

The EMotion rides on 24-inch alloy wheels fitted with low rolling resistance Pirelli rubber.

The EMotion is powered by a set of electric motors generating at least 575kW of power, with drive sent to all four wheels.

The company claims the sedan can crack the 0-60mph (0-97km/h) standard in under three seconds, and shoot on through to a top speed of 259km/h.

The all-wheel drive EMotion is said to have more rear legroom than many full-size sedans, every seat gets viewing screens, the top speed is expected to be 161 miles per hour, and production is scheduled to commence in 2019 with the base price for one being $129,000. The range is thanks to a new battery with breakthrough tech that can charge as quickly as one minute. With the EMotion, Fisker is promising a vehicle that can give 200 km of range with just 9 minutes of charging. It's also still got those suicide butterfly doors, a feature that's definitely a little gimmicky, but they look so cool that we're not going to complain.

The Fisker EMotion dash
The Fisker EMotion dash

Entry and exit to the auto is governed by its unique butterfly doors, which can be operated via a smartphone app. While the EMotion will launch with a lithium-ion battery pack using cells from LG Chem, the company is working on solid-state tech for EVs for 2020, and for personal electronics such as cellphones with an earlier expected launch. At the front there are three driver-oriented screens, including a curved unit in the centre of the dashboard. For owners that don't want the leather seats, Fisker will also offer a vegan option. The vehicle has four individually adjustable electric seats, with a five-seat option with a rear bench. "That design balance is what has made the Fisker brand emotionally connect with our consumers".

Other features include inductive charging smartphone holders, a carbon-fibre centre console with tablet and accessory storage, and an adjustable four-zone electrochromic glass roof. It's also been installed with technology that makes the auto primed and ready for any future self-driving functionality, hinting at a possible future for the EMotion.

Fisker says the EMotion will be built in the USA and that it will announce its factory location later this year.

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