Mobile's New BOGO Sale Includes iPhone X, Galaxy S8

This iPhone X deal is too good to turn down, T-Mobile customer or not

T-Mobile announces new deals on iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and LG phones

You can buy an iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 (64GB) Galaxy S8, LG G6, LG V20, LG V30, or LG V30+ and get a second for free. Whether or not you think that this deal is worth it is up to you, but for more information or to start the process of signing up for it, you can head on over to T-Mobile's website. Customers will need to add a new line for this deal. Customers buy two of the devices and then receive up to United States dollars 700 back on the cheaper of the two via rebates and cash for an old phone traded in. Per usual, T-Mobile ran plenty of promotions throughout the holidays, and now that the New Year is here, more deals are ready to go. This latest offer is available with the purchase of any two iPhone X, 8, or 7 devices.

Once you meet all of those requirements, you'll get a mail-in rebate to cover the cost of the lower priced device.

The BOGO offer is available for all new and existing customers but requires trade-in of a qualifying smartphone and port-in of a number.

The Un-carrier network is launching a new BOGO sale that includes discounts on some of the hottest smartphones in the market.

Not everyone needs a second phone, and T-Mobile gets that, so they're also taking $150 off single purchases of new Samsung and LG smartphones. This is part of T-Mobile's Get Out of the Red campaign aimed at convincing Verizon customers to switch to T-Mo while keeping their current handsets. Offering rebates of as much as $650 to pay off their Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and iPhone X when they move from the nation's largest operator.

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