NASRO Supports Enforcement of Federal Marijuana Laws

Alexander Spradlin discusses his research on the effects of marijuana on stress levels in users and non-users. His research found that users of marijuana are considerably less stressed even while sober

NASRO Supports Enforcement of Federal Marijuana Laws

"I don't think any business would ever want to open its door and have fears on the first day that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is going to be standing on their doorsteps", Jim Borghesani of the Marijuana Policy Project said to the Associated Press. Current Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, however, has been noticeably silent on the matter.

Following Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision to rescind the Cole Memo, which protected canna-legal states from federal prosecution, MA U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling released a statement warning that his office "will aggressively investigate and prosecute bulk cultivation and trafficking cases, and those who use the federal banking system illegally", MassLive reports.

Benjamin Glassman, the US attorney in southern OH, said last week that it would not change its approach to marijuana and other drug crimes in response to Sessions' memo. And Democrat candidate Pat Miles called Sessions' decision "an enormous step backward" that "totally disrespects the will of the people of MI".

Under Sessions' new guidelines, federal prosecutors in states where recreational use of marijuana is legal will decide if and when to enforce federal laws prohibiting its use.

In 2013, then-Deputy Attorney General James Cole issued a guidance that changed marijuana enforcement following state ballot initiatives that legalized the possession of a small amount of marijuana.

The U.S. Attorney for ME said Tuesday that he can't declare that his office won't prosecute marijuana possession, but such cases have not been a priority. Is the medical marijuana industry vulnerable?

After requests from the media, government officials and others, Frank said Tuesday that his office will "proceed on a case-by-case basis" in deciding whether to use resources to prosecute marijuana users and growers. Most recently, the bill was set to expire in September 2017, but has been included in the two-month continuing resolution, followed by additional extensions through January 19, 2018, of the federal government's comprehensive spending plan.

Many people expect the medical-marijuana amendment to be renewed - as it has been since 2014 - because it has bipartisan support on Capitol Hill. He equates the drug with heroin, has blamed pot for a rising tide of violence, and has said that medical use of marijuana has been "hyped, maybe too much".

As a US senator from Alabama, Sessions strongly opposed marijuana legalization.

According to O'Neill, some people are choosing to stay in the medical cannabis market, rather than cross over into the recreational side, because there are so many protections already in place.

In a statement, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio Benjamin C. Glassman said that marijuana has always been illegal under federal law.

"My personal philosophy as a prosecutor is that we will enforce federal law", Herdman said.

"I have said before that the opioid epidemic is the public health and safety crisis of our lifetime, and I have also pointed to the disturbing increase in stimulant drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine", Glassman said. "Medical marijuana products should be no different", said Luke Niferatos with Smart Approaches to Marijuana.

"I think the legislature is going speak up loudly", she said.

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