NBA Fines Isaiah Thomas $20000

Cavs visit Magic in Isaiah Thomas first start

Cavs visit Magic in Isaiah Thomas first start

After an officials review, Thomas was assessed a flagrant foul 2 and summarily tossed with 6:47 remaining in the third quarter.

Thomas maintained his innocence when it came to intent, but understood the referees' decision. "I can't say I've slipped into that".

"I know anything around the head is really. especially if it looks bad, you're going to probably be thrown out", he said after the game. "I just made sure he was good, made sure he knew I had no intention of trying to hurt him or hit him in the throat".

Averaging 19.7 minutes and 13.4 FanDuel points through 3 games, Thomas is projected for 22.0 FD points over 22.3 minutes on Thursday night. Most of the teams that now have the type of cap space to offer a $20 million-plus deal Thomas was hoping for aren't expected to be in the market for point guards. We've got to be the aggressor at both ends of the floor, and when we do that we're a tough team to beat, no matter who we're playing. There's going to be nights like this. Film doesn't lie, and we just got to be more physical. The defensive end has been the biggest issue, though. In each of the past three seasons, they've had brutal stretches during the regular season but rallied in the postseason to make the NBA Finals three times straight. "One thing about this team, we have a short memory and we always move on to the next one and we figure things out and adjust".

As former Kansas Jayhawk and 2014 NBA Rookie of the year Andrew Wiggins blew past Cavs guard J.R. Smith, IT4 stepped in and essentially slapped Wiggins in the face - a foul that could not be argued as an attempt at stealing the ball. It's a heavy burden for a point guard who has played just three games since a major hip injury suffered before the deal was done. However, I believe that he is best suited to be on a team that can provide him with a high-usage rate as a focal point of their offense with plus defenders all around him.

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