Paul Manafort Files Lawsuit Against Prosecutor

Rep. Maxine Waters ruffled some feathers with her poem to special counsel Robert Mueller

Rep. Maxine Waters ruffled some feathers with her poem to special counsel Robert Mueller

Former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort sued special prosecutor Robert Mueller and the Justice Department Wednesday for allegedly overstepping their mandates, in a potentially significant challenge to the Russian Federation probe that threatens the u.s. president.

President Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort sued the Justice Department and special counsel Robert Mueller on Tuesday, arguing that Mueller exceeded his authority by indicting him on conspiracy and money laundering charges unrelated to Russia's interference in the 2016 election.

Therefore, Manafort alleges in the suit.

The lawsuit argues that a paragraph in Rosenstein's order appointing Mueller, which allows him to pursue new matters he comes across during his investigation, is too broad to be permitted under the law that governs USA special counsels.

Manafort reportedly wants all actions taken by Mueller as special counsel to be "set aside" because, he alleges in the suit, Rosenstein overstepped his power as deputy attorney general when he appointed him.

Mueller is supposed to be investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation during the 2016 election.

It claims the probe into Manafort "has extended far beyond 'links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump'".

In his complaint, Manafort said he met voluntarily with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department on July 30, 2014, and provided detailed explanation of his activities in Ukraine, including his frequent contact with US diplomats in Kiev "and his efforts to further USA objectives in Ukraine on their behalf".

January 3, 2018 (EIRNS)-Paul Manafort filed a civil suit on Wednesday against Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, and the United States Department of Justice.

Those efforts evoke the scandals of President Bill Clinton's administration and his White House's attempt to portray the independent counsel, Kenneth W. Starr, as a partisan who had run amok. Both pleaded not guilty to the charges. There is no known connection between Manafort's foreign lobbying activities and the Trump campaign. Rather than seek a dismissal of your indictment, which is a common pretrial tactic for deep-pocketed defendants, Manafort made a decision to sue Mueller. "None of the charges relate to Mr. Manafort's activities during his brief stint in 2016 as the campaign manager for the Trump presidential campaign".

As the lawsuit goes on to describe how the special counsel left 2016 behind and investigated Manafort's overseas consulting for Russian political allies, it also reveals Mueller was investigating Manafort's taxes, his overseas accounts and his financial deals. His request to nullify Mueller's actions related to Manafort was unusual because it came as a civil lawsuit rather than a motion to dismiss the criminal case.

An 27 October federal indictment accuses Mr. Manafort and a long-time associate, Rick Gates, of failing to register as agents in the USA for political consulting they performed for Ukraine and for pro-Russian politicians there. "Nor were they uncovered in the course of the Special Counsel's probe into President Trump's campaign".

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