Premium Klipsch Wireless Speakers To Support Amazon Alexa Connected Speaker APIs

The Blade is the first device Vuzix has developed which contains almost all aspects of display and power source within the frame

Premium Klipsch Wireless Speakers To Support Amazon Alexa Connected Speaker APIs

The platforms could help speed the development of new digital assistants, touch displays, video cameras and immersive media, Qualcomm said, noting that Harman and Lenovo were working with Qualcomm on new products, including the Lenovo Smart Display, which uses the Qualcomm Home Hub platform. Google Assistant is being introduced into Android Auto equipped vehicles including certain offerings from Ford, Holden, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Subaru.

The market is still growing fast, with smart speakers among the top-selling devices at Amazon.

Six months since Amazon and Microsoft shook hands for coupling Windows 10 with Alexa, we are having the initial signs of its arrival.

A new SmartThings application to be released by mid-year will consolidate command of Samsung devices and be a "remote control for your connected life", Kim said.

A truly broad user-base, rather than a small phalanx of die-hard fans, would certainly make victory for either Alexa or Google Assistant all the sweeter.

Regardless of who wins when the dust settles, whether you say "Hey Google" or "Alexa", the key takeaway from the showing of digital assistant-driven devices at this year's CES 2018 goes to show that we will soon be talking to our devices even more from here on.

Amazon's Alexa smart assistant was the quiet star of the show at last year's CES.

Since then, the company has launched a refreshed line of Amazon Echo speakers, including a model created to make it easy for consumers to get started using Alexa to manage their lightbulbs, refrigerators and televisions. One way Google is reportedly looking to do that is by launching a revamped online store in February.

Google is anxious that Alexa could threaten Google Assistant in overall market share. But it hasn't been a huge factor in gadget announcements leading up to CES.

Apple and Google have big leads, since their rival digital assistants are already on millions of smartphones and computers, according to Blau.

And of course, the data that a large audience would churn out while interacting via voice day by day is what both of these giant companies really want.

More important than product push, Google's "VIP" presence at CES is also potentially a hiring gesture to poach developers, an analyst at Forrester Research told the Washington Post.

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