Razer Unveils Project Linda: Android Laptop/Phone Hybrid Concept

Razer Unveils Project Linda: Android Laptop/Phone Hybrid Concept

Razer's Project Linda lifts a phone to laptop level

In Project Linda, a laptop docks the Razer Phone on its body, in the area where a touchpad is usually placed. Clearly, Razer has an exciting new product in Project Linda.

Hot off launching its first smartphone pitched to gamers, computer hardware company Razer is angling to make that phone your only device. The Razer Phone 5.7-inch display can be used as a touchpad, or as a second screen for access to apps, tools, and more.

The keyboard is full-sized, but is optimized for the Android OS, with dedicated keys for selecting specific apps, as well as those for search and navigation, the release noted.

Once in place, the Razer Phone's 5.7 inch display turns into a touchpad, much like the screen-based touchpad in one of Razer's other laptops, and together with a 13 inch Quad HD screen, a 720p web cam, a standard USB port, and a USB Type C charging port, not to mention 200GB of storage, Project Linda is nearly like a Chromebook of sorts for gaming, except it runs Android as the Razer phone does, too. The Razer Chroma™ backlighting is ideal for low-light situations and can also be personalized with millions of color options. Project Linda comes with unibody CNC aluminum chassis and weighs 1.25 kg with the phone docked. The display of the Razer Phone will act as the trackpad itself, giving you a lot of freedom when moving your fingers here and there.

Project Linda also has 200GB of storage where a user can put backups or additional media. The laptop offers 200 GB of storage and also includes built-in 3.5mm audio jack, USB-C charging port, 720p webcam, and a dual-array microphone.

Unfortunately, Project Linda is still very much in the prototype phase, with no release date or price point in sight. The Razer Phone's performance, display, and dual front-firing speakers combine seamlessly with Project Linda's larger screen, keyboard, and battery to provide the ultimate mobile hybrid setup for gaming, creativity, and productivity. However, unlike similar dock concepts, Project Linda turns the phone into an interactive touch pad. Once you slide in your Razer Phone in Project Linda, you can play games on it, browse the Internet, watch YouTube videos or send email. Razer is likely still tinkering around with the concept to get it right, with plans to commence a commercial production perhaps being somewhere in the near future.

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