Samsung Announces DRVLINE™ Platform

Harman Digital Cockpit concept

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A year of successes for Samsung Samsung has had a year of historic firsts, including acquiring connected technologies company Harman for $8.0 billion. The move will allow manufacturers to collaborate on the software but still leave room for customizability, giving cars the ability to be equipped with technology running a more future-proofed platform.

First up, Harman is boasting of their new Digital Cockpit, which brings an advanced and very ergonomic approach to the center console of your vehicle.

At the time of the acquisition, Young Sohn, President and Chief Strategy Officer of Samsung Electronics, said, "We see transformative opportunities in the auto - and a future which seamlessly connects lifestyle across automotive, home, mobile and work".

Samsung appears at CES alongside several of its partners in ADAS and autonomous driving. "They'll bring mobility to people who need it, make our roads safer, and revolutionize our communities", Samsung Electronics Chief Strategy Officer Young Sohn, who is also the Chairman of the Board at Harman, said in a press release. "Building an autonomous platform requires close collaboration across industry, as one company can not deliver on this enormous opportunity alone. The DRVLINE platform with its open and high-level compute capability is a first major first step toward building an ecosystem to support full autonomy".

And to bring everything together Samsung and Harman are spearheading a new 5G-capable telematics system for cars, capable of giving 1Gbps connectivity to all the instruments of your vehicle. The challenge is simple too big and too complex. Samsung and Harman are leveraging their global expertise in electronics with DRVLINE, with IoT and embedded systems, including in-car compute for Levels 3, 4, and 5 automation.

Samsung notes that its new TCU has been built to work with existing 4G Cat 16 (Gigabit LTE) networks, but the same platform will be able to connect to higher-bandwidth 5G networks in the future.

In addition to the new TCU, Samsung provided a brief refresher on its Intelligent Digital Cockpit platform, discussed at last year's CES.

"Together with Samsung, we have increased innovation speed through scale, resources and competencies to help automakers focus on the car's evolution from device-centric to experience centric", said Dinesh Paliwal, HARMAN President and CEO. It comprises a suite of flexible and scalable premium components that match today's connected lifestyle.

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