San Diego Spent $278K to Protect Border Wall Prototypes

Speaking to Sputnik about President Donald Trump's request that Congress cough up $18 billion over ten years to expand and improve on security on the US-Mexico border, Jessica Vaughan, director of the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies, said that the money was crucial to enforcing the president's immigration policy. His insistence is so strident that it could be the catalyst for a government shutdown, if Democrats refuse any compromise that includes a wall, and Trump rejects any deal that doesn't.

With almost 700 miles of some type of fencing already in place along the border, would Democrats hold out on a DACA deal over a fence - which Trump could call a wall - that mainly replaces existing structures?

The White House says President Trump plans to meet with Senate Democrats next week.

President Trump is planning to use a trip immediately following his State of the Union address to visit prototypes of his coveted border wall. Democrats are planning to leverage the federal budget, which must be passed by January 19 and requires Democrat support, against the wall.

Trump is seeking $18 billion over 10 years to make his prized campaign pledge a reality.

If border crossings are under better control without a wall, thus helping realize Trump's mission on immigration, his continued insistence on building one smacks of vanity to get his way.

The San Diego Police Department (SDPD) paid $278,000 in overtime and other expenses for officers to patrol an area in Otay Mesa where eight prototypes for the Trump Administration's proposed border wall were being constructed between September 26 and October 26 previous year, city public records show. We would be open to some level of border enhancement security. "And maybe that is a longer subject and a bigger subject, and I think we can get that done, too".

Republican priorities could be stopped in their tracks if the Democrats are successful during the midterm elections. "The general consensus is that a wall is not necessary", Hirono said.

Any deal on DACA will likely have to come from Congress.

"People that are dealing with this issue know that a third-century solution to a 21st-century problem is not going to fix this long-term", said Rep.

"We went into DACA and how we're going to do it, and we hope that we're going be able to work out an arrangement with the Democrats".

The DACA program prevents immigrant youths in United States from deportation.

House minority whip Representative Steny Hoyer of Maryland told reporters he did not believe the diversity lottery and chain migration should be a part of DACA talks at all.

"He's facing both ends of the spectrum, a very Republican right that says DACA is amnesty, plus a Republican right that says, 'hey, build the wall.'" But Smith says Cornyn also represents people who support the Dreamers.

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