Senator John Thune has some questions for Apple

Senator John Thune has some questions for Apple

Senator John Thune has some questions for Apple

Apple is already in hot water with France over its decision to slow down iPhones without telling anyone, with the French government becoming the first to open an investigation into its methods.

In an apology letter about its practices it issued at the end of December, the company said that it would offer a $29 battery replacements to iPhone 6 and 6S users, down from its normal $79 price. The company will likely still profit from the more affordable battery replacement program, and now there have been no rumors of Apple offering free battery replacements to out-of-warranty iPhones.

Thune sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook asking whether the company has taken certain steps after it apologized last month for throttling back iPhone processing performance in phones with older batteries, according to the Wall Street Journal, which viewed a copy of the letter.

Apple is facing a number of lawsuits for slowing down older iPhones, the company is also being investigated by a French Watchdog and now the U.S. government is questioning Apple about slowing down the handsets. Apple also said it would lower the price for iPhone battery replacements, and add new features to iOS to provide greater transparency into battery health.

Apple's battery woes are continuing. Presumably Apple has more than enough confidence in its batteries to assume such cases will be rare.

By not recognizing the battery-related performance problems earlier, Apple also basically acknowledged that it doesn't test new releases of iOS on iPhones with older batteries. The company then acknowledged publicly that it slowed the performance of iPhone 6, 6s, SE, and 7 models through software tweaks as batteries age to prevent the devices from unexpectedly shutting down.

"Apple's proposed solutions have prompted additional criticism from some customers, particularly its decision not to provide free replacement batteries", wrote Mr. Thune, who requested answers by January 23.

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