Super Mario Odyssey getting free minigame and outfit DLC

'Super Mario Odyssey' On Switch Is Getting Something That Looks A Lot Like Multiplayer

Super Mario Odyssey DLC next month brings a new character surprise

As Super Mario Odyssey opened up and offered a different look at challenges and adventures after rescuing Princess Peach, a store found in the game offered up a bunch of extra costumes, including one for Luigi. Once players download the free update and complete the main story, Balloon World will become available.

New outfits and camera filters are coming to Super Mario Odyssey. Called Luigi's Balloon World, the update adds two new modes to the game "Hide It" and "Find It". In Find It mode, players try to find other player's hidden balloons in a test of wits. In "Hide It" mode, players have a certain amount of time to hide a balloon. Here are the Sunshine Shades and Sunshine Outfit, the Musician Hat and Musician Outfit, and the Knight Helmet and Armor.

Hiding and finding balloons in Super Mario Odyssey will let you move up the rankings.

For those who are on their journey to collect every last moon, Nintendo is bringing a new mini-game to Mario Odyssey to freshen things up and give players a little competitive spirit.

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