This 65-inch OLED TV rolls up like a giant newspaper

This 65-inch OLED TV rolls up like a giant newspaper

This 65-inch OLED TV rolls up like a giant newspaper

Park talked about how LG's products like its air conditioner, would adapt and learn the temperatures you generally prefer, cleaning robots in the home would be able to learn and decipher objects like your pet dog, for instance, and navigate around them, or in the future, the ThinQ AI in your car's dashboard will be able to automatically adjust the AC, play your favourite music, etc.

In 2016, the firm announced the world's first 18-inch rollable display at CES in Las Vegas - and now, they've more than tripled its size.

Displays that can be rolled up aren't the newest tech, but the process is closer to perfection than it ever has been before. LG too has set up a new benchmark first by announcing the world's first 88-inch 8K OLED TV and now by introducing a 65-inch "rollable" TV. The company's 2018 line of LED TVs will feature NanoCell technology with IPS and all 2018 models will have full-array local dimming LEDs.

LG OLED technology uses self-lighting pixels for exact control of image brightness and image quality, and with no separate light source the displays are extremely lightweight, thin and flexible. The Consumer Electronics Show which is going to be held in Las Vegas is often dominated by a huge number of huge new televisions.

LG has developed a 65-inch OLED screen that can be rolled up like a newspaper. This new technology is claimed to enable the panel to emanate sound directly from the panel. This new TV is more of a technological showcase than a marketable commodity at least for the time being.

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"We will firmly establish our position as a leading company by responding to market expectations and providing differentiated value in the rapidly expanding OLED market as well as the existing LCD market", said Dr. Sang-Beom Han, Vice Chairman and CEO of LG Display, in a press statement.

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