This Dark Souls Trilogy box for PS4 will make your wallet weep

Dark Souls Remastered Nintendo Direct

FROM SOFTWAREDark Souls Remastered could be revealed at the Nintendo Direct

Bandai Namco did not say what the regular Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions' performance would be like, but did reveal that the Nintendo Switch version will be running on 1080p resolution at 30fps while docked.

While nothing was detailed about the upcoming remaster, the trailer does show some updated graphics as an armored figure -presumably, the player's character - ignites one of the game's many bonfires in the game's hub location, the Firelink Shrine.

It's official! Bandai Namco announced today that Dark Souls: Remastered is in the works. Nevertheless, a very cool and very dark game is on it's way to Nintendo consoles. We would love for Nintendo fans to try out the excellent series as well.

Dark Souls challenges players to explore the twisted ancient land of Lordran. The game also doesn't explain where the player should go. Demon's Souls' servers may still be going strong two years after release, but however long they do last, I'd bet Dark Souls' servers will certainly last much longer. Most people including myself were anxious about the software lineup for the Nintendo Switch come 2018, but it seems that Nintendo knows what it's doing and will do its level best to ensure that the Switch is stacked with a number of exclusives and 3rd party titles to keep Switch owners entertained for the entire year. Dark Souls theorist VaatiVidya had claimed that this new port would be using engine assets from Dark Souls 3 and would contain HDR lighting and some PS4 Pro enhancements.

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