Trident could be used AGAINST UK in 'devastating' nuclear missile cyber attack

The ICBM Hwasong-15 was launched in Pyongyang North Korea in November. It's said the missile

Trident could be used AGAINST UK in 'devastating' nuclear missile cyber attack

"Nuclear weapons systems were first developed at a time when computer capabilities were in their infancy and little consideration was given to potential malicious cyber vulnerabilities", it said.

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Nuclear strikes could be launched by mistake because aging or unsophisticated weapons systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks, an worldwide relations think tank warned Thursday.

Mr Wolfsthal told the newspaper that he had seen a copy of the final draft of the NPR which proposed the creation of the new weapon as well as revising the terms of use for weapons which would include attacks against national infrastructure or nuclear sites. It included neutralising communications - sowing doubt in the minds of world leaders and commanders ahead of a strike, attacking telemetry data to affect where missiles strike, and sabotaging "pre-launch targeting information". "Moreover, a system, that is compromised can not be trusted in decision-making".

The US may have infiltrated parts of North Korea's missile systems past year and caused test failures.

Nuclear weapons are increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks that could have "catastrophic" consequences due to their reliance on new technology, a report warns today.

Chatham House said the threat of a cyber nuclear attack from rogue states such as North Korea is "relatively high" with the potential for a "significant loss of life".

In particular, they said, successful cyber spoofing could hijack decision-making - with potentially devastating consequences.

Trident could be used AGAINST UK in 'devastating' nuclear missile cyber attack

'And there is pretty good, moderate but strong language that makes clear that any attempt by Russian Federation or North Korea to use nuclear weapons would result in a massive effect for them and I think that's actually moderate, centrist and probably very much needed'.

These risks could undermine confidence in a country's ability to react at a time of crisis.

The researchers outlined a number of doomsday scenarios that could hit any nuclear arsenal in the world.

'Where (the administration) go overboard, is where they say... the U.S. needs to develop two new types of nuclear weapons, ' Wolfsthal said. "Solutions to these risks, therefore, should go beyond applying cyber security policies because, in this context, cyber risk reduction is actually about nuclear risk reduction".

The paper urged a new approach to the threat including wide ranging risk assessments to stay ahead of the threat.

"The United States already possesses a diverse array of nuclear capabilities, and there is no evidence that more usable weapons will strengthen deterrence of adversaries or compel them to make different choices about their arsenals", Kimball wrote on the Arms Control Today website.

"After all, it is the public that will pay the ultimate price for complacency regarding cybersecurity of nuclear weapons systems".

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