Trump calls interview with special counsel 'unlikely'

Trump calls interview with special counsel 'unlikely'

Trump calls interview with special counsel 'unlikely'

I don't intend to have a discussion with the president on that point. But when they have no collusion and nobody's found any collusion at any level, it seems unlikely that you'd even have an interview.

The special counsel's team of investigators has expressed interest in speaking with Mr Trump, but no details have been worked out. Those proposals have gained little traction on Capitol Hill, and authors of those reports conceded that without backing from Mr. Trump and his party, few of the measures they outlined stood a chance of being realized. His team had reportedly planned to be more forthcoming before Trump intervened. If he didn't think it was wrong, then why did he intervene at all and try to apparently obscure the truth?

Trump critics on Twitter celebrated the news as a sign that the probe is not shutting down anytime soon, perhaps failing to realize that Dickey was hired two months ago.

It would be great to hear Trump explain his wayward comment to Holt more fully.

According to the transcript, Mr Simpson told the committee that Mr Steele had reported his suspicions about the Trump campaign to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in July in 2016. He initially denied having discussed sanctions at all. No administration officials have been questioned by Mueller in about a month, the person said. Basically anything Trump knew about this whole back-and-forth seems worth probing.

Earlier Wednesday, Trump assailed the Russian Federation investigation as a distraction, a waste of time and a "witch hunt" - and appeared to call on congressional Republicans to do something about it.

Trump announced a year ago his intention to pull the US out of the climate pact. In other words, Mueller may be laying a trap.

The lawyers' decision will be influenced by what topics Mueller wants to question Trump about and whether the information can be obtained elsewhere, sources familiar with their thinking say.

The president himself is one of the Americans who anticipates the Russian Federation probe will exonerate him, although it's unlikely he participated in the poll himself. That has now completely fallen apart, so it's worth asking again and seeing how much he changes his statement.

This was Trump's first time before reporters since his public, freewheeling immigration negotiation with Republican and Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday.

She pointed to the apparent corroboration of the claim made in an email sent by Donald Trump Jr. before a meeting with a Russian lawyer in Trump Tower in June 2016. Or about Trump Jr.'s contacts with WikiLeaks?

The source is concerned that no one around Trump is telling him the truth about the realities of this investigation, which has spread beyond inquiries into collusion with Russian Federation to questions about whether the firing of Comey was obstruction of justice.

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