Trump says Russian Federation probe is a 'Democrat hoax'

Trump says Russian Federation probe is a 'Democrat hoax'

Trump says Russian Federation probe is a 'Democrat hoax'

He has consistently denied that his campaign worked with Russian Federation to undermine his opponent Hillary Clinton, calling the accusations a "witch hunt".

Special counsel Robert Mueller's team of investigators has expressed interest in speaking with President Donald Trump as part of a probe into potential coordination between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign, a person familiar with the matter said Monday.

The comment marks a departure from what Trump said last June, which is that he would be "100 percent" open to testifying in the Russian Federation investigation.

The investigation has not yet requested to interview the president, but earlier this week United States media reported that Mr Mueller had told the president's lawyers he meant to seek an interview.

"When they have no collusion, and nobody has found any collusion at any level, it seems unlikely that you would even have an interview", Trump said, when asked if he's willing to meet with Mueller.

Mueller is also looking at whether members of the Trump campaign colluded with Moscow to tilt the race in his favor, and whether Trump sought to obstruct justice when he fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey last May.

The special counsel's team of investigators has expressed interest in speaking with Trump, but no details have been worked out.

"For 11 months, we've had this phony cloud over this administration", Trump said, calling the investigations into possible collusion between his campaign and Russian Federation "a Democrat hoax". There was no collusion, everybody including the Dems knows there was no collusion, and yet on and on it goes. He then suggested that, given no collusion has yet been proven, the "Republicans should finally take control".

Earlier in the day, the former reality TV host presided over his first cabinet meeting of the year in the cabinet room, where a day earlier he allowed cameras to watch him negotiate immigration with a bipartisan group of senators for almost an hour.

Trump, asked Wednesday about his comments, said that any immigration deal "has got to include the wall". "We need it for security".

Later in the press conference, Trump told reporters he thought it was "better to work with Russia" on matters of global import - like North Korea - but said that his actions on energy development, as well as rebuilding the USA military, weren't policies that would earn him any praise from the Kremlin. Along with most of the alliance's members, Norway has failed to spend 2% of its GDP on defense as outlined in the alliance's guidelines. Norway drew a rebuke from Russia a year ago after it welcomed several hundred US Marines onto a base about 900 miles from the Russian border.

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