UCF challenges Alabama to game with Tuscaloosa billboard

UCF fans erect blllboard in Alabama suggesting home-and-home series

UCF fans erect blllboard in Alabama suggesting home-and-home series

Auburn, coincidentally, is the only team that beat the Tide in their title-winning season.

A group of fans is trying to convince Alabama to schedule a home-and-home with UCF, and they're doing so with a billboard in Tuscaloosa.

UCF celebrated its "national championship" with a parade on Sunday at World Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

UCF may be letting its undefeated 13-0 season go to its head after topping it off with the 34-27 Peach Bowl victory over the Tigers.

Thirty-seven fans of the team raised $1,665 on a GoFundMe page to pay for a digital billboard ad that reads, "Congratulations Alabama".

It's likely UCF's plight influenced many voters to take a closer look at the Knights' accomplishments, which had been largely disregarded by the College Football Playoff Committee during the regular season.

UCF finished its season 12-0 but was ranked 12th in the final College Football Playoff rankings. And don't underestimate Nick Saban's ability to drum up the "disrespect" angle as well. "Doesn't mean anything to anybody but them".

After a nail-biting National Championship game Monday, the Crimson Tide defeated the Georgia Bulldogs 26-23 in overtime. SEC fans can laugh all they want, but you can't argue with UCF until Alabama beats them.

The Tide received 57 of 61 first-place votes.

They hold the bragging rights, but the next meeting could be very different.

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