Ultra Game Boy handheld console in the works

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Ultra Game Boy handheld console in the works

The Ultra Game Boy removes the need for a separate Android phone, and slims down the form factor quite a bit.

There's been plenty of nostalgic attention being paid to classic console hardware updates in recent years, from Nintendo's official plug-and-play Classic Edition consoles to third-party clone consoles. The peripheral manufacturer is now working on an updated version of the classic Game Boy tentatively called the Ultra Game Boy.

Nintendo is not re-releasing its iconic Game Boy console-not yet, anyway.

While Nintendo itself is not behind the Game Boy remake, the Japanese firm has recently released miniature versions of its classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Super NES (SNES) consoles.

It sports an incredible aluminum casing that will surely survive the slippery hands of your little cousin who unfortunately took your Game Boy when you weren't looking (thanks, Kyle).

This can be switched off if you really want the authentic Game Boy experience of tilting it away from the glare of the sun. Though it's certainly recognisable as a Game Boy (actually it reminds us more of the compact Game Boy Color design than the original Game Boy), it improves on it in a few different ways.

A six-hour battery, rechargeable via USB Type-C cable, is the main one, alongside a backlit screen which can be turned up and down depending on how much of a sucker for punishment you intend to be.

Hyperkin is intending to market the final product at less than $100 by the time it arrives late Northern Summer, according to the report.

Retro gaming consoles already have a massive presence in the tech world, as the unbelievable demand for things like the NES Classic and the SNES Classic has proven.

To that end, as well as having a full aluminium case to better prevent the nicks and dings the original was a magnet for, the Ultra Game Boy has a number of other mod cons.

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