University Of Rochester President Resigns After Sexual Harassment Accusations

Research professor Florian Jaeger made national headlines last year after allegations arose that he had harassed and engaged in sexual relationships with his students

University Of Rochester President Resigns After Sexual Harassment Accusations

"It is not acceptable to say people have behaved offensively and inappropriately toward our students and yet no one has done anything wrong", said Elissa Newport, a cognitive psychologist formerly at the University of Rochester who is now at Georgetown University in Washington DC. The investigator has stated that the accusations against Jaeger are wildly "exaggerated and misleading in many respects" as well as coming to the conclusion that the president did not sexually harass university students and that the accusations are false and misleading.

Pollak also said he felt that White missed the point in saying that professors involved in the federal complaints were not retaliated against because their careers progressed. Joel Seligman, the president of the university, stepped down January 11, 2018, just hours before an outside investigation cleared him and his administration Ð including JaegerÐ of charges that they had covered up sexual harassment by a prominent professor and punished those who spoke out against him.

UR properly addressed the workplace sexual conduct of Professor T. Florian Jaeger, though it could have done better, according to a long-awaited investigation report released Thursday.

Joel Seligman announces his resignation as president and CEO of the University of Rochester during a presentation for campus leaders.

In a statement, Rochester's trustees praised Seligman and said he notified them of his resignation before they - or anyone else - had received the independent investigators' report. After a University investigation and an appeal of that investigation found that Jaeger had not violated applicable University policies, the group filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on August 30, 2017.

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The independent investigation was initiated last September to look into sexual misconduct allegations against Jaeger and to evaluate how the University of Rochester responded to them.

"I think Professor Jaeger paid attention to what those policies allow and did not allow", White said at a press conference on Thursday, where she emphasized that legally, she did not believe his actions met the definition of sexual harassment. It says that he's received enthusiastic support from many of his students, especially in recent years.

White recommended a strict ban on sexual relationships between faculty and students, and urged the administration to facilitate extensive staff training on how to spot and prevent sexual harassment.

Richard N. Aslin, a fellow complainant and former professor in the department who now works at Haskins Laboratories, said that the report criticizes him and his colleagues for taking things "into our own hands" while simultaneously admitting that Rochester's internal investigation was incomplete. They alleged that Jaeger had created a hostile work or educational environment for women in the department that affected the women's access to educational opportunities. She said she changed her course of research because of it.

The board of trustees said it had "many serious decisions to make in the days ahead".

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