US House condemns Iran over crackdown on protesters

US House condemns Iran over crackdown on protesters

US House condemns Iran over crackdown on protesters

More than 2,000 Iranians were detained by regime authorities in 15 provinces across the country during the protests, according to statements made by several Iranian officials in the past days. He also said the strengthening of economic cooperation between Iran and the European Union member states is of great significance.

The meeting between Zarif and the three European parties to the landmark 2015 agreement comes after Iran warned the world today to prepare for the withdrawal of the United States.

"In exporting a product, what is very important, is paying especial attention to the demands and needs of the end-users and keeping their trust in the product", said Rouhani adding that a product with Iranian brand being trusted in the world is an honour for us.

President Donald Trump has been persistently vocal about his support for the Iranian people in their bid for democracy.

The new figures come as Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Tuesday that the country had struggled for 40 years against attacks on "the revolution" and would not be daunted now.

While Iranian authorities insist the demonstrations are coming to an end, the protests continue in towns and cities across the Islamic Republic.

Reports are coming out of Tehran that ex-Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been arrested for contributing to widespread unrest in the country that has seen at least 22 killed.

"In responding to developments in Iran, now and in the future, the USA should be careful not to take any steps that might undermine the JCPOA (nuclear agreement) which remains vital to US national security", it said.

Dahimi said that there are four juveniles among the detainees, stressing the wave of protests across the country had not stopped.

The demonstrations, mostly due to stagnant wages and low employment opportunities for Iranian youth, have rocked the country for almost two weeks.

Nikbakht was among many L.A. Iranian Jews protesting at the rally. Furthermore, there are reports that the Iranian Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, as part of the Iranian government crackdown on the demonstrators, were found to be asking viewers to surrender the identities of those demonstrators. He held onto his presidency with Quds force generals leading foreign fighters from Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well Iranian-supported Hezbollah guerrillas from Lebanon.

"In standing with the Iranian people, we must explain that they are not the target of our sanctions", House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Ed Royce said.

The protesters are also telling Rouhani's "reformers", in power now for five years, that they, too, have failed.

Alongside high youth unemployment and inflation, many ordinary Iranians feel that the economic benefits they were promised following the USA -backed nuclear deal of 2015 failed to trickle down into their pockets.

Washington has engaged in a fiery exchange of words with Tehran over USA use of social media to encourage Iranians to protest. "However, I do not think the feeling of dissent toward the regime and level of disgust for the political and economic situation has gone away".

"Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed that the ongoing protests were a chance rather than a crisis, which means that they were expected by the regime and they did not surprise the government", he explained, expecting economic measures to be announced while the Iranian foreign relations remain the same after the unrest settlement. "We in Iran are prepared for any scenario".

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