USA freezes another security aid to Pakistan

Mattis pledges anti-terrorism partnership with Pakistan intact as US cuts aid to the country

Freeze to hit Pak military assistance

The State Department said the freeze would remain in place until Islamabad took action against the Haqqani network and the Afghan Taliban.Earlier this week, President Trump accused Pakistan of lying and deceiving the USA while receiving billions in aid.

The vague details suggested the primary goal was to substantiate President Donald Trump's surprising New Year's Day tweet that accused Pakistan of playing United States leaders for "fools".

She said the USA government considered that the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network were "destabilising the region and also targeting United States personnel".

If the U.S. takes any action against Pakistan's national security, a response will be given in line with the public's expectations, said Pakistan's Director-General (DG) Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor, Pakistani media reported Wednesday.

"The US will suspend that kind of security assistance to Pakistan", Heather Nauert said.

These groups threaten the US-backed Afghan government and have attacked and killed numerous American troops that were sent there after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

There were reports that more than $1 billion dollars in US aid earmarked for Pakistan could be halted.

The Foreign Minister went on to say that the Trump stance disregards the many sacrifices Pakistan has made in the war against terrorism.

MICHELE KELEMEN, BYLINE: President Trump started the year by blasting Pakistan for its, quote, "lies and deceit".

Last summer, President Trump accused Pakistan of giving "safe haven to agents of violence, chaos, and terror".

McMaster also said that Pakistan is "operating against the interested of its own people" by "providing safe havens and support bases for Taliban and Haqqani network leadership" who "perpetuate hell in portions of Pakistan and Afghanistan".

Mr Trump unveiled a new strategy in August, aimed at ending the stalemate in the war in Afghanistan, which has been raging for 17 years.

What makes the Trump administration's attempt at conditioning the Pakistani military's decision-making particularly tenuous is that the decision to punish Pakistan financially accompanies a decision to surge troops modestly in Afghanistan.

He said, "Pakistan is a sovereign country and Pakistan has always abided by global conventions".

On Wednesday night, Ghafoor told local Geo TV that Pakistan wants to continue cooperation with the United States but will not "compromise on national interests and prestige".

"We have already told the U.S. that we will not do more, so Trump's "no more" does not hold any importance". Afzal, author of the book "Pakistan Under Siege", would like to see the more to support the civilian government to give it more of an incentive. Soon after the president's tweet, the White House had confirmed that the U.S. had suspended its United States dollars 255 million military aid to Pakistan.

"We can review our cooperation if it is not appreciated", she said.

He said the war in Afghanistan can not be fought in Pakistan and "we need to find a peaceful solution to the issue". The vague details suggested the primary goal was to substantiate President Donald Trump's surprising New Year's Day tweet that accused Pakistan of playing USA leaders for "fools".

It also levels the same charge at Kabul, accusing Afghanistan of harboring militants on its side of the border who then launch attacks on Pakistan.

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