Utah: Hepatitis A warning for patrons of Salt Lake County 7-Eleven

Utah: Hepatitis A warning for patrons of Salt Lake County 7-Eleven

Utah: Hepatitis A warning for patrons of Salt Lake County 7-Eleven

The exposure may have affected up to 2,000 customers, the health department states.

Thousands of customers who frequent a 7-Eleven location in West Jordan, Utah, are being warned by health officials about a possible hepatitis A exposure at the store.

The items include: Fountain drink, self-served drinks, fresh fruit and hot foods including pizza and hot dogs.

The Salt Lake Health Department encourages people who might have used the store bathroom or eaten any of the food items between the possible dates of contamination contact 385-468-4636 for advice.

The customers who visited the store at 2666 West 7800 South between December 26, 2017 and January 3 have been urged to contact the health department to receive vaccination and prevent the spread of the disease.

People in need of prophylaxis must receive it within a short time period of their possible exposure, so it is essential that affected customers call the health department as soon as possible.

An infected 7-Eleven employee who worked while sick is the cause of the possible exposure.

7-Eleven didn't respond to a request from CSD for a comment on the situation, or the course of action the company is now pursuing.

7-Eleven is cooperating with health officials, the health department said, and has since sanitized the store.

Beginning Jan. 8, the phone line will be staffed from 8 a.m.to 5 p.m. for health department personnel to screen callers for their exposure risk and provide further instructions.

A hepatitis A outbreak is linked to eating and drinking from a 7-Eleven store in Utah.

"It's also important the food handlers be conscientious with hygiene, hand washing and not working when ill", he continued, "and that managers be vigilant in enforcing those important requirements that protect public health".

In November 2017, the CDC said the U.S.is experiencing a shortage of the hepatitis A vaccine after a surprisingly high number of outbreaks across the country, according to CNN.

Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver.

Hepatitis A is a highly contagious liver disease that can be transmitted through objects, food, drinks or sexual contact.

Usually people recover completely but in certain cases a person may die from fulminant hepatitis. In rare cases, the infection has caused death, according to the Centers for Disease and Control.

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