White House Press Secretary, CNN Reporter Battle Over Trump's TV Habits

Donald Trump

White House Press Secretary, CNN Reporter Battle Over Trump's TV Habits

Staff at the White House have been given until the end of the month to decide whether they want to continue working for the current administration.

A memo from Kelly obtained by the news outlet cites the need to protect classified information, but one unnamed White House official told ABC News the effort is more about preventing embarrassing and politically damaging leaks to the media.

Among the business-as-usual moments were White House officials blaming Democrats for delays on immigration and government-funding measures, even while the White House chief of staff was trying to close the deal, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announcing that taxpayers should see bigger paychecks next month - as long as new withholding tables the IRS is circulating work like they are created to.

"It's created to prevent leaks and ensure the productivity of the people who work here", the official told ABC News.

Pamela Brown will move from the Justice Department to the White House beat, joining Jeff Zeleny as CNN senior White House correspondents.

Kelly told West Wing staffers to leave the contraband at home, in their cars or in their offices located outside the West Wing.

The policy isn't without precedent in federal buildings.

All employees electronics equipment must be issued by the White House Communications Agency, or else, the memo warned.

"For the purposes of this memorandum, the West Wing means the facility generally located between the President's Executive Residence and West Executive Drive", a footnote of the memo reads.

A new policy from Chief of Staff John Kelly aims to strictly crackdown on West Wing use of personal cell phones.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders needled frequent sparring parter Jim Acosta over CNN's ratings in an exchange at Thursday's press briefing, saying if President Donald Trump watched CNN its numbers would go up.

"Absolutely not. That's a ridiculous characterization".

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