Wichita "swatting" suspect accused in similar incident

Man suspected in fatal Kansas 'swatting' incident wanted for similar hoax in Calgary

Notorious US swatter allegedly targets Calgary woman

The Calgary Sun reports officials there have issued warrants for the arrest of Tyler Barriss, the suspect in the Wichita incident.

On that day 911 operators in Calgary received a call from a man claiming he had shot his father and claiming he was holding his mother and brother hostage. The family of the dead man, Andrew Finch, said he wasn't the intended target of the prank, known as "SWATting", when someone falsely reports a major crime to 911 hoping to incite a massive police response. It's alleged Barriss dispatched them to that man's address in another alleged swatting call.

"My dad isn't breathing", the caller said at one point. She exited her home and police confirmed the initial shooting and hostage scenario report had been a hoax. Police said the unarmed Finch was given commands to keep his hands raised, but he reached toward his waistline multiple times.

Swatting is the act of making a fake emergency call in an attempt to get officer to respond to someone's address.

Warrants were issued for Tyler Raj Barriss, 25, of Los Angeles, California.

He is expected to be extradited to Kansas this month.

Police and the FBI are investigating whether that prank call was prompted by an online gaming dispute, according to The Associated Press. Sources told the newspaper that neither Barriss nor Finch were part of the gaming duel. The sources said investigators believe that someone involved in the dispute contacted Barriss.

Calgary Police said it takes swatting calls seriously. Tyler Barriss, 25, was arrested in Los Angeles on December. Within months of his release past year, the LAPD began investigating whether he was behind recent similar calls.

It is believed that the woman victim was targeted because of her online persona.

During this incident, a substantial amount of police resources were required to contain the scene and protect the safety of citizens.

Following the incident, the investigation was handed over to members of the CPS Cyber/Forensics Unit.

It's also reported that Barriss is suspected in as many as 20 similar calls, including calls about school bombings at Los Angeles-area schools and a TV station.

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