YouTube Finally Speaks Out About Controversial Logan Paul Video

YouTube Pares Back Logan Paul Partnership After Suicide Video Post

YouTube Finally Speaks Out About Controversial Logan Paul Video

YouTube has chose to cut ties with Logan Paul following his suicide victim video controversy, and they've opted not to move forward with previously scheduled projects.

To brush up, YouTube's guidelines specifically states that "it's not okay to post violent or gory content that's primarily meant to be shocking, sensational, or disrespectful".

Logan Paul, who has more than 15 million subscribers on YouTube, later posted an apology on Twitter, saying he had been "misguided by shock and awe".

On top of that YouTube has also removed Paul from its Google Preferred program.

The streaming site had to take big action against Paul after letting the video be posted originally and then staying quiet about it.

Meanwhile, the netizens also went after YouTube's alleged lack of action since it allowed the video to gather over six million views. But most of Paul's videos are problematic.

Google Preferred aggregates YouTube's top content and sells it to advertisers.

Paul, who has parlayed his YouTube popularity into television guest spots and hosting roles at teen awards shows, now faces a hard path forward for his career. It said his new video blogs are also on hold. However, YouTube via a series of tweets has assured to take necessary action against this terrible act as they say "we'll have more to share soon on steps we're taking to ensure a video like this is never circulated again". It was watched six million times before Paul deleted the content.

Paul has not posted any videos in the past week, saying he was "taking time to reflect". YouTube released their first statement 11 days after Paul posted the controversial video.

Both Paul and YouTube declined to comment on the amount of money being made from the Japan trip videos.

The Ohio native quickly removed the video from YouTube after a backlash.

Now, there are two ways YouTube could proceed after handing down Paul's punishment: the company could consider the situation handled and do nothing further, or we could see YouTube instate new community guidelines or rules that pertain to this incident.

"We built Google Preferred to help our customers easily reach YouTube's most passionate audiences and we've seen strong traction in the a year ago with a record number of brands", a spokeswoman for Alphabet Inc.'s Google wrote in an emailed statement.

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