Amazon Echo Dot ad cleared over cat food order

Alexa will get Amazon's own custom chips

Amazon Allowed to Continue Putting Cat Food in Your Basket

VIZIO 4K Ultra HD display users with an Alexa-enabled device can now conveniently control volume, channel and input settings, as well as turn their VIZIO display on and off using only their voice.

The owner complained to the advertising regulator about the "socially irresponsible" advert, which was shown on television screens on October 5. My wife was able to hear my voice clearly, and so was I, but then there was some lag (latency). Only with more efforts, this can be a true Digitial Assistant we all were looking forward to. You'll have to give Alexa access to your contacts, and after going through the list, the digital assistant will suggest people with Echo device linked to their phone numbers. Would you like to buy it?'. The Echo Dot is available for Rs 4,499, while the Echo costs Rs 9,999, and Echo Plus costs Rs 14,999. They cancelled the order before it arrived.

A viewer said the ad caused their Echo Dot device to respond after hearing the ad on the television.

The Advertising Standards Authority investigated but yesterday said it had cleared Amazon's advert and found it had not breached their code.

The regulator acknowledged that Amazon had taken measures to prevent its ads from triggering a response in devices that might "overhear" a command from a voice on the television.

"We understood that it would not be possible for a purchase to be made without the account owner's knowledge, even in instances where technology, meant to stop ads interacting with devices, had not been effective", the regulator said in its decision.

In January 2017, there was a spate of such incidents in the U.S. involving Amazon Echo devices. If you've got an Echo set up in your living room and another one in your office, you can say, "Alexa, drop in on the office" from your living room and broadcast a message.

Additionally, users have the option to set up parental controls and set a purchase PIN (and frankly, if you've not set up the PIN, you deserve everything you get). Later in the month, the Echos started shipping to those who pre-ordered them and now the invite-only system is over and anyone can purchase an Echo or an Alexa speaker straight from Amazon.

The Echo, which now costs £74.99 for the standard version or £39.99 for the smaller "Dot" version, was one of the most popular Christmas presents previous year.

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