Mario Kart is finally coming to your smartphone

Mario Kart

Mario Kart is finally coming to your smartphone

Mario Kart features Nintendo's popular characters as go-kart drivers competing in a series of races, only they can use fun items to help speed to the finish line, including turtle shells to knock opponents off course or mushrooms to provide a speed boost.

The development of "Mario Kart Tour" represents the Japanese video game maker's continued push to increase its influence and player base on the massive smartphone video game market.

It's one of the biggest and best-loved franchises in the history of gaming, and now Nintendo have announced that a new Mario Kart racing game will be available to play on smartphones within the next year.

No further details about the game have been released but the announcement is enough to raise excitement and interest for the next year.

Fans of racing against Mario in Mario Kart will be able to race against the Italian plumber while on the go.

Nintendo has announced that its beloved video game franchise "Mario Kart" is headed to a new gaming platform: smartphones. The new game, called Mario Kart Tour, will be available for both iOS and Android phones. In addition to the Mario Kart title, it has also been rumoured that a mobile version of The Legend of Zelda is also in the works.

Back in December 2016, Nintendo launched its first mobile phone game, "Super Mario Run", to a great reception. The other two titles are Fire Emblem Heroes and the recently released Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. For the Wii U, 8.40 million units were sold and 37.02 million of "Mario Kart Wii" for the Wii.

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