Meek Mill's Lawyers File Petition to Get Rapper's Conviction and Sentencing Vacated

Meek Mill files appeal petition over credibility of cop’s testimony

Rick Diamond Getty Images

Meek Mill's legal team hope to get the rapper out of jail, stating his sentence was the result of unreliable testimony. Mill is now in prison from a violation of probation stemming from the conviction.

In addition to the suspicion of bias from the presiding judge on his case, new findings claim that the police officer who arrested Meek Mill has been suspected of racial bias and abuse previously. Instead, Graham said Meek simply removed his gun from his waistband to toss it.

While the list has not been made public, sources for The Philadelphia Inquirer say it includes Graham. A member of the same police team as Graham, Jerold Gibson, claims that he was present during the 2007 arrest and that Graham is not being factual about Meek pointing a gun at anybody. "I would steal with Reggie Graham", Walker admitted.

With this newly discovered evidence brought forth by Mill's team, his attorneys are seeking the rapper's release on bond and a new trial, if the charges are not voluntarily withdrawn or dismissed.

The Philadelphia District Attorney's office kept a list of police officers "with a history of lying, racial bias, or brutality" to keep them from testifying in court, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Graham also claimed the rapper pulled out an illegal gun and started trying to shoot at them, which the rapper denied.

As he was jailed partly on the word of Graham, who is now being questioned on whether his opinion is relevant or not, Meek may be freed soon, which is good news for the rap game and the Philly native.

Walker said that based on his professional experience and, in particular, working with Graham, the preliminary arrest report prepared and filed by Graham in Mill's case "bears the hallmarks of a fraudulent affidavit, written to manufacture probable cause for the search warrant".

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