Russian Federation plane downed by iced instruments

Russian Federation plane downed by iced instruments

Russian Federation plane downed by iced instruments

The crew of the Saratov Airlines An-148 jet did not give out an emergency signal before the aircraft plummeted to the ground within minutes of taking off from Moscow Domodedovo airport on Sunday.

Azerbaijani citizen Namig Gahramanov, resident of the country's Yevlakh district, died in a plane crash near Moscow on Feb. 11, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry's Spokesman Hikmat Hajiyev told Trend Feb. 12.

Horror images show charred the wreckage of the plane lying in a snowy field near Moscow alongside baggage and body parts as rescuers described seeing bodies "everywhere".

The debris is scattered across 74 acres, according to the Emergency Ministry, which used drones to direct the search. Investigators said they already have started working on them.

President Vladimir Putin offered his condolences to those who had lost relatives and ordered a special investigative commission to be set up.

Putin repeatedly has said he hopes Trump can follow through on his campaign promises to improve relations with Russian Federation and thinks pressure from Trump's opponents has gotten in the way.

Officials said the search for victims' remains at the crash site will take a week. Saratov Airlines commissioned it past year. The other pilot had 812 hours of experience, largely in that model of plane. The aircraft only had one crash back in March 2011, which was a result of an in-flight break-up during a test flight. Ukraine's president has used the plane for some of his trips.

The aircraft was designed by Ukraine's Antonov company and manufactured at the Voronezh Aircraft Production Company in southwestern Russian Federation in 2010. At least eight passengers were from other parts of Russian Federation, and four of the crew were from Saratov.

Domestic carrier Saratov Airlines, which operated the An-148 flight, has said it will suspend usage of the type of plane involved.

Some regional carriers in Russian Federation reportedly have cut corners on servicing aircraft. There were 65 passengers and six crew members onboard the passenger jet. Investigators blamed pilot error.

The choir had been due to give a concert to Russian troops operating in Syria.

The An-148's engines have been located and recovered from the crash site.

In December 2016 a military plane carrying Russia's famed Red Army Choir crashed after taking off from the Black Sea resort of Sochi, killing all 92 people on board. A 2011 bombing in the arrivals area killed 37 people.

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