That canine can't run! (for governor)

That canine can't run! (for governor)

That canine can't run! (for governor)

"His platform was going to be free Chuckit balls for life", said Terran Woolley, of Hutchinson.

Unfortunately for Angus and his political ambitions, it seems that Kansas isn't exactly ready for a governor of a different species.

On investigating the situation, Woolley discovered there was also nothing barring animals from entering the race, although his attempt to prove it was possible for a dog to take up the mantle of governor was thwarted before it got off the ground. The new bill would also mean dogs, cats and inmates wouldn't be able to run.

Meanwhile, Samantha Poetter who spoke on behalf of the Kansas Secretary of State Office told CNN that "Kansas statute and the Kansas Constitution make repeated references to a person being Governor..."

But Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's office appeared to shut down Angus' candidacy.

After reading about teens who recently entered the race, Terran said he read through bylaws on the requirements for Kansas governor and it wasn't written anywhere that a dog couldn't run for office.

Caskey was asked by The Star last September what would happen if a dog tried to run for governor.

"He's a good dog, he's smart and I think he could provide better leadership than what we've had the last seven years in our state", Woolley said. "I have thought about getting some of his posters printed up, maybe making some t-shirts", he said. So a dog has never tried to file - I don't know what would happen if one tried to. "Because I can not point to a law that sets any qualifications to run for governor".

Republican Rep. Blake Carpenter of Derby introduced the bill that would place some requirements on who can run for governor, including that the candidates be qualified electors.

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