A Judge Denies Injunction in PC Leadership Race

Ontario PC leadership candidates Tanya Granic Allen Caroline Mulroney Christine Elliott and Doug Ford pose for

A Judge Denies Injunction in PC Leadership Race

Ford, Mulroney and Granic Allen have all pushed for the party to extend the leadership race by a week in order to ensure all members can participate. And he may not be wrong.

"He's disappointed that he can't vote", Radnoff said. "All the candidates are united, except one: Christine Elliott. What games are being played here?"

"It is unfortunate to learn that certain individuals may be considering this step, after we have worked so closely with leadership campaigns and with party members from across the province on a leadership election process passed by the PC party executive in accordance with the constitution", Lefton wrote.

Although Elliott's team did not respond to a request for comment, earlier her senior campaign team said: "We are surprised by the assertions of Mr. Ford". "There is nothing that any one campaign knows about this process that another one doesn't ..."

Mulroney, a rookie PC candidate in York-Simcoe, insisted she was "feeling very strong, very confident" in spite of polls suggesting she is in third place behind Elliott and Ford.

The results of the election were expected to be announced at 3 p.m.

"My campaign requested that we extend the voting".

"One more week without a leader impacts every member of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario".

Lawyer Jeffrey Radnoff submitted affidavits from six PC members unable to vote because they still needed a personal security code to do so, and court was presented with a list of more than 150 other members also shut out - including candidate Tanya Granic Allen's campaign manager.

It would have been hard to arrange another venue and volunteers in a week's time, and the cost of numerous contracts signed for services at the event would have had to be paid out twice, he said.

The vote between the top two contenders, Doug Ford and Christine Elliott, has been simply too close to call and will be resolved "as soon as practically possible", Hartley Lefton, Chair of the Leadership Election Organizing Committee told a packed room at the Markham convention centre at around 7:20 p.m.

The day will open with speeches from interim party leader Vic Fedeli and Jason Kenney, the leader of Alberta's provincial conservative party. Remember in March of 2017, when federal PC leadership candidate Kevin O'Leary charged that the federal PC leadership convention was rigged? O'Leary said "backroom organizers" used prepaid credit cards to sign up "fake members".

"It's unfortunate", Nunziata said of those PC members who will not be allowed to vote.

"There's definitely a concerted effort to stop me because I'm going to clean out our party", Ford said.

"We have rules, there is a process ..." That power play failed. The 62-year-old politician, from just east of Toronto, made two previous runs for the party's leadership and lost. But the power plays are looking all too familiar. And Ford in particular has alleged party "elites" were handpicking those who would be able to cast a ballot in the leadership race. "Are there some problems with it?"

Mr. Brown, 39, then entered the race to succeed himself on February 16, only hours before the party's registration deadline.

"Christine doesn't believe, obviously, in democracy", said Ford.

Party officials in charge of the leadership race argue that a further extension would have violated the party's rules.

Lawyer Gina Brannan, representing the party, said in court Friday that the leadership vote process should be challenged through the party's internal appeals process, rather than in court.

"I ask you to draw an inference that there is some sort of mischief afoot", she said.

At an event in Toronto on Thursday evening, Elliott defended her stance against extending the race.

The candidates kept a low profile Saturday morning and told party officials they would not be speaking with the media after the new leader was announced. "I've never seen anything that disenfranchises more people from a party than this does".

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