Asheville African-American Man Punched and Stunned by Cop for Jaywalking

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Asheville African-American Man Punched and Stunned by Cop for Jaywalking

A white ex-cop in North Carolina caught on bodycam video beating a black man suspected of jaywalking has been arrested on assault charges, authorities said.

Body camera film from officer Chris Hickman, who was with his learner Verino Ruggiero, demonstrates that Rush said he was worn out and advised officers to quit annoying him, before the circumstance heightened to a capture for jaywalking and trespassing on a parking area.

However, on the 18 of September, the charges against Rush were dropped after the Buncombe County District Attorney's Office reviewed Hickman's body cam which revealed that the officer overstepped his duties. Rush, 33, can be heard on the footage saying multiple times that he can't breathe and was also shocked twice with a stun gun while being restrained.

"All I ask of the community, is don't judge the rest of those out there because of Chris Hickman", said Lance.

"It doesn't matter, man", Rush replied. Video from a body camera worn by Hickman, who is white, shows Rush running away after Hickman's order to put his hands behind his back.

On August 24, Johnnie Rush was on his way home from a 13-hour shift as a dishwasher at a local Cracker Barrel restaurant shortly after midnight when he was stopped by two police officers. As Rush runs, the officer says, "You know what's amusing is you're going to get f-- up hardcore".

Hickman proceeded to savagely beat Rush, slamming his face on the pavements and repeatedly punching his head, while Ruggiero pinned him to the ground.

An administrative investigation determined Hickman used excessive force in violation of Asheville Police Department policy.

A request made by Police Chief Tammy Hooper for the State Bureau of Investigation to investigate the beating of Johnnie Rush was rejected.

The city released the documents after police camera video was given to the Asheville Citizen-Times.

Lawmakers in Asheville's City Council also denounced the video, saying in statement they were "angry" that a black man walking home from work was stopped for jaywalking, something most people do "regularly without effect".

The person on foot said he couldn't inhale as Hickman stifled him, a few times hit him over the head and bound him.

Hickman resigned from the department sometime before january 19, according to a memo obtained by the Citizen Times. Hooper previously drew public protest past year over her request for an additional $1 million to hire more officers to police the downtown area.

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