Australian Border Force joins hunt for Irish 'gang' scamming Aussies

Police are looking to locate a large group of Irish travellers in the Brisbane area. Source 7News

Police are looking to locate a large group of Irish travellers in the Brisbane area. Source 7News

"The nature of these matters appears to have some connection", Detective Superintendent Tony Fleming said.

The crimes are said to have happened up and down the country's Gold Coast.


Police have revealed several members of the so-called "Irish scammer" group that are accused of defrauding dozens of residents and businesses across the South East in the past few months, have fled the country.

"They are good at creating diversions and distractions/disruptions to either steal goods or demand goods and services for free".

If the group are caught and found guilty, they will most likely be immediately deported from Australia.

"I encourage anyone who believes they may have fallen victims to these people, and who haven't already reported it to police, to contact Policelink on 131 444".

"I need to say at the outset that there's been a lot of allegations around a particular group of people, what we know from experience is that what we can prove can often be a different matter", Fleming said.

"This attention has put many of them to ground and - which is a good thing, because our key goal at the moment is to stop these people from committing any more offences".

Police released this image of women with kids in prams they believe are linked.

Australian media has been reporting extensively about the allegations and a number of reporters asked the detective superintendent how the individuals had not yet been caught.

Whilst the four people may still be in Queensland it is possible they have since travelled interstate to avoid police.

Elsewhere, men - who police said have "thick Irish accents" - have scammed unsuspecting homeowners by starting construction work on homes, before leaving halfway through finishing the job to rob them of their cash.

"Based on the CCTV they don't seem to be concerned in any way shape or form about being seen or detected, that either means they've done nothing wrong or they're incredibly brazen and they have no respect for the law and more importantly have no respect for the people in our community".

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