Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen both say they're best QB in the draft


Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen both say they're best QB in the draft

"I have a really good relationship with Josh, and I think he'll tell you the same thing about me and we talk, and for him to get the rap that he gets, it's BS because of the type of guy that he is and the type of stand up human being that he is and the type of pro that he's going to be". He's opinionated, but says too much. I won't ever do that again.' I think you have to be yourself.

"I'm not going to present a fake image of myself", said Rosen, who grew up in wealth with his father, Charles, a spine surgeon who was close to becoming President Obama's surgeon general.

"If you don't have the mindset that you're the best quarterback in this draft, then you're not going to fare well in this league".

"I think it's gotten me to this point and I haven't really run into trouble with it", he said. You have to own your mistakes. He's a talented player, but not a good teammate.

The Browns will have their choice of quarterbacks at the top of this year's NFL Draft. "And honestly I feel like I let my self down, I let my teammates down during this last season when I turned the ball over so much". That's what I'm trying to show.

"If anyone's gonna turn them around, it's me". Your teammates don't want a fake shell of yourself. I really want to prove to people I'm capable of leading a franchise. "Teammates want you to be you every single day, so that you're that reliable rock they can count on". But more than that, it's not stopping Baker Mayfield from being Baker Mayfield.

"I'm looking forward to drawing my own conclusions because I've heard so many different things out there about all the quarterbacks", Elway said.

Darnold said during Super Bowl week that he planned to throw at the NFL Combine, but "conversations" with others over the last month convinced to change his mind.

And maybe, just maybe, the same was said of Elway.

"I'm brutally honest and some people don't like that, because it's rare these days", Mayfield said. Mayfield likely will be one of their options at either spot. "But I think coaches can really see what I care about". "I'm not a big rah-rah guys".

But with the No. 5 overall selection and a draft class heavy on quarterback talent, the Broncos have options, and plenty of good ones. Mayock also commended Allen for adjustments he has made as a quarterback. And if you ask Mayfield and Rosen, the best quarterbacks are now in Indianapolis.

"Because I felt like it was just the best decision for me", Darnold said Friday.

The reverse-course decision was criticized by NFL Network's Mike Mayock for not seizing a competitive opportunity, but some reporters suggested they heard whispers that a exhausted arm stemming from an overly extensive workout last week was behind Darnold's absence.

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