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The main event bout began with Cena unleashing a flurry of Attitude Adjustments to each competitor except for Styles as the two former rivals squared off once again.

On Sunday, Fastlane will help provide some answers. If he wins the six-pack challenge for the WWE Championship, he'll punch his ticket to New Orleans.

AJ Styles retained the WWE Title in the match, pinning Kevin Owens.

NOLAN HOWELL: Styles vs. Nakamura is the match to make for WrestleMania, though it also wouldn't surprise me if Cena wins here as the dark horse in case Undertaker isn't ready. It has been a while since Carmella and Natalya have been featured prominently and with Carmella's briefcase expiration date coming up soon, this is their time to shine. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, Carmella has to cash in her contract at some point and she'll either succeed or fail based on what happens right before it. Let's go by pro wrestling logic-because Becky Lynch beat Carmella this week on SmackDown, it should probably follow that Natalya and Carmella will steal a win here.

WHAT IT IS: It's the hottest babyface on the show vs the Royal Rumble victor, who is also a legend in Japan, a charisma machine, and a guy about whom everyone said things like "he doesn't need to be messed with or fixed, he just needs to be turned loose" and "if WWE finds a way to screw him up they are the dumbest company alive".

The Usos (C) vs.

Opinion: While this seems to be leading to a triple threat match at "Wrestlemania", the match itself was pretty fun with Orton and Roode showing good chemistry. WWE has at times to tried to downplay the great wrestlers who made their marks outside of WWE so having the guy who won more world titles exclusive to World Wrestling Entertainment would be a continuation of that. Either team marching into WM as champion feels appropriate. At the time of this posting, we're about 3 hours away from the Six Pack Challenge for the WWE Championship. The twins have been the best tag team in the company over the past year and a ticket to 'Mania seems like a great way to cap their performance. However, I don't think the match is going to end cleanly.

Who will win: The Usos.

There will obviously be a few more matches added to the card, including the RAW Women's Championship.

When Charlotte joined the main roster, she became the queen of the pay-per-views, stringing together 16 consecutive victories before suffering a loss. As she celebrated her victory, the Empress of Tomorrow decided tuned up and confronted Flair. The Uso's elaborate that they were similar to New Day "dancing" and "singing" with them not getting anywhere and not making it on the main card where New Day was on the main card at WrestleMania 32 & hosted WrestleMania 33. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Styles is indeed a dream match and a New Japan rematch that fans have been wanting to see since both of their debuts. So will AJ Styles retain thus affirming his match with Nakamura at WrestleMania?

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