China's top paper says Xi Jinping won't necessarily serve for life

China's top paper says Xi Jinping won't necessarily serve for life

China's top paper says Xi Jinping won't necessarily serve for life

He left the leadership past year after reaching retirement age.

The names would be referred for the approval of China's parliament, the National People's Congress (NPC), which would begin its annual session on March 5.

This may seem exaggerated but one thing is certain: No other Chinese politician in the past two decades has managed to mobilize power around himself as much as Xi Jinping.

The revelation that the National People's Congress is likely to strike the constitutional clause limiting China's president and premier to two five-year terms has rightly triggered worldwide speculation that Xi Jinping will remain in office far after the 20th party congress in 2022. He was dubbed "China's new emperor", "autocrat for life" and "China's godfather". Deng actually introduced a limit on presidential terms after suffering under Mao who removed former allies and triggered a massive starvation with the Great Leap Forward and plunged the country into a state of virtual civil war with the Cultural Revolution.

The rules for who heads the party, the military and the state - all positions Xi now holds - are the same, the newspaper said. Deng was not in a position to pick Hu's successor, and it is no coincidence that the post-Deng calm is coming to an end during the rule of Xi Jinping, who followed Hu. We are already hearing arguments that China's communist system is not, as once believed, "resilient", and it will not be long before analysts make the case that the country's communist system is inherently unreformable.

Adesina said Buhari conveyed his goodwill message in a letter addressed to President Xi.

China would like to continue offering economic and technological assistance to the Pacific island nation of Tonga without imposing political conditions, President Xi Jinping said on Thursday. Now, the global discussion is focusing on a China rushing to catastrophe. The op-ed linked Xi's childhood struggle under Maoism for his push to consolidate political power.

The move is significant because if Wang does not retire, that would set a precedent for Xi, now 64, to stay in power after he reaches what is normally considered retirement age.

This real fear of the Brits is exacerbated by the fact that Xi Jinping's top economic advisor Liu He, just inducted into the Politburo last October, has been in Washington since February 27 for unannounced high-level meetings, and will stay here through March 3.

"It is a system created to accord with the national condition and ensure long-term peace and stability for the party and the country", the paper said. "It was a very sudden and bold move that has raised many questions and concerns and there are some who can not understand", why the change is needed, said one man surnamed Ding, who works in the finance sector.

Urging India to co-ordinate more with Japan, us and western democracies, The Times of India editorial noted that India will need to abandon its "non-aligned template" to check China's rise in the Indian Subcontinent.

The western media " s focus on the perils of "individualistic rule" mirrored closely with the official USA statement that "strong institutions are more important than individual leaders".

Robert Lawrence Kuhn, an American scholar on China who moved closely with Chinese leaders and scholars for decades, told PTI earlier that the inclusion of Xi's thoughts in the Constitution and his "core leadership" status conferred on him by the party previously put him "substantially ahead of others" in the party. Xi does not want to transform the world's most populous country into a peasant and worker's state like Mao but into a global power that can rival or even surpass the USA as the strongest economy in the world.

Yang Kai-huang, head of Ming Chuan University's Cross-Strait Research Center in Taiwan said that Xi does not strike him as someone who wants to repeat the mistakes of Mao, nor is he someone who wants to honor the two-term limit former leader Deng Xiaoping established.

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