Could Arizona teachers strike? - KVOA | | Tucson, Arizona

Social media networking key to W. Va. teacher walkout

Could Arizona teachers strike? - KVOA | | Tucson, Arizona

As it became apparent the strike by West Virginia school personnel was over on Tuesday, Gov. Jim Justice suggested efforts should be made to ensure children do not have to attend classes any longer than absolutely necessary this spring.

Even as they prepared to go on strike over the lack of funding for the Public Employee Insurance Agency, teachers in Parkersburg, Charleston, Beckley and other cities throughout West Virginia were thinking of their students' well being. West Virginia ranked 48th in teacher pay nationwide.

Now, the next battleground in the teacher pay debate looks to be the state of Oklahoma.

The last statewide raise for West Virginia occured in 2014, when educators saw a $1,000 annual pay increase and school service employees saw a two percent raise.

"I'm excited to get them back into school and get their routine going back", Wayne County parent Ashley Tackett told WCHS/WVAH.

According to our media partner MetroNews, Kanawha County School officials testified Wednesday in support of the bill saying, "they would prefer fully-certified teachers fill every position".

"There are more teachers talking about it than I've ever heard before", Arizona Education association president Joe Thomas said about a possible teachers' strike in Arizona.

Now they get to go back to work and continue to do the incredible work that they've been doing for years.

"As far as money is concerned, we're glad to go back to the school, but at the same time completely understand that it needed to be done", she told WCHS/WVAH.

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