Democrats show momentum in latest Virginia poll; GOP voters less enthused

Republicans are performing at a historic low on the generic congressional ballot

Republicans are performing at a historic low on the generic congressional ballot

Originally (and properly) understood as bad for Democrats, who hold 26 of the 35 seats up in November (or now 26 of 36 if you add in Mississippi's special election), the landscape at first offered Republicans hopes of gaining a filibuster-proof 60 seats, particularly after Donald Trump carried ten states with Democratic senators facing voters in 2018. Donnelly has 45 percent of votes, with 51 percent voting Republican.

Democrats showed up despite the long odds this November of ousting Republicans such as Cruz - who released a radio ad after clinching the GOP nomination Tuesday night, telling voters that Democratic opponent Beto O'Rourke "wants to take our guns". "Democrats still aren't there yet in terms of winning statewide offices".

The Democrats voted overwhelmingly against the tax cut plan in December, predicting it will add over $1 trillion to the federal budget deficit, benefit only the rich and that the issue would be a major weapon against the GOP in the fall. "This is an uphill, very tough fight for the next eight months".

"I was expecting him to get like 75 percent of the vote and he got 60 percent", Wilson says.

"To do this, we have to take back the House", said Waters. "Or we could walk the walk".

A Democratic win in a district President Donald Trump won by 20 points in 2016 would be a notable victory, and Sabato's Crystal Ball managing editor Kyle Kondik notes that "whether [GOP candidate state Rep. Rick] Saccone wins or not, we wonder if a loss (or a close call) might have some effect on Republican candidate recruitment and/or incumbent retention". In Texas, where Republicans haven't lost a statewide race since 1994, Democrats are especially starved for an upset.

"The important thing is getting involved, giving primary voters a choice, to choose the candidate they support", Abbott said.

"The votes have been counted and we know that so-called "blue wave" never made landfall", Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said Wednesday, referring to the GOP voters still turning out in greater numbers.

Brandon Rottinghaus, a University of Houston political scientist doesn't see all of Milder's supporters turning over their votes to a Democrat such as Collier, come November.

More than 1.5 million people voted Tuesday in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, won by incumbent Ted Cruz. We've written about the record number of women running for office in 2018. The Empower-endorsed candidate, Bo French, who also ran against Geren in 2016, improved his performance from two years ago by 1.4 percentage points. Those results had a higher margin of error but showed Democratic enthusiasm in congressional districts held by Republicans. The victor faces Republican incumbent Pete Sessions in November. Democrats control a majority, which decided that the Republican gerrymander violated the state constitution.

Nationwide, Democrats need to flip 24 GOP-seats to reclaim a majority this fall.

On the Republican side, there was clear unity behind the president and his party.

"There's something different going on in Texas this cycle", said David Wasserman, who analyzes House races for the nonpartisan Cook Political Report. He told PTI that he was running because of the anti- American policies of the Trump administration. What's more, Texas is more than likely to send two Latinas to Congress.

Still, Mike Collier, the Democrat who will challenge Patrick in the November general election, thinks there's a good case for saying his race is neck and neck. "That means that Democrats would need to win all 19 of those seats and pick off five other seats in the Lean Republican column".

In the states were Democratic incumbents are most vulnerable, President Trump's approval rating is above 50 percent.

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