Girl Power: Central Texas celebrates International Women's Day

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Girl Power: Central Texas celebrates International Women's Day

Inaugurating the women's day function organised by All Kerala Widows Welfare Association, Sthree Mitra foundation, Chavara Cultural Centre and Chavara Family Welfare Centre, Mayor Soumini Jain said women are the best management experts, who excel in multitasking. Both younger males and females have an instant respect for men, however, you need to be seen as quite harsh or standoffish as a woman to command the same level of respect.

It has been a tumultuous year for women and film. As the years went by, more awareness was developed on the proposition that gender equality does not stop at cosmetic changes in places of power, whether political or economic.

More than half (61 per cent) of these teachers said that they had been specifically told that they had been denied progression due to their absence, even though maternity and pregnancy discrimination is unlawful.

In a statement personally signed by him on Thursday, March 8, 2018, Dr. Ubah who affirmed that the importance of the existence of women must be recognised at all times, said, "Every year we celebrate women's day with a lot of enthusiasm, joy and fanfare".

The programme focused on celebrating the importance of women in a society and spreading awareness on the importance of equality.

"It is essentially a celebration of respect, appreciation, love and care towards women in order to spread the knowledge and awareness of women empowerment, their position in the society and achievements".

And of course so many women are unsung heros as they live their daily lives, making invaluable contributions to the island across all spectrums, spanning every endeavour imaginable. The company has 10 offices throughout the world, and four of them are led by women. "So, for me personally, to be in events and be able to meet other women, professionals, I'm always excited to be here for these type of events".

Helle Bank Jorgensen, president of the network, says one of the goals is to find a way for companies to measure themselves against a set of gender-equality standards and be recognized for their efforts. Cameras in the cockpit offered a bird's eye view of their take off from Heathrow and landing into Glasgow Airport, and captured their conversations with the three female air traffic controllers who guided them out of Heathrow airspace.

"It is astounding that we're not there yet, but we're not", she added. Female workers across the country have launched an unprecedented 24-hour strike to protest against gender inequality and sexual discrimination, especially in the workplace. The IRC also has a Violence Prevention and Response program, which offers women and girls safe spaces exclusive to them where they can receive support services, engage with other women and learn about their rights.

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