Jennifer Garner Recreates That Oscars Meme

Jennifer Garner Recreates That Oscars Meme

Jennifer Garner Recreates That Oscars Meme

"I wish I had a better story". The internet then transformed that moment into a collection of hilarious viral memes, even prompting Garner to meme herself the following day.

And even with Ellen's skill as a talk show host, Jen still had no backstory to share about how the moment came about. "What am I doing?" In Garner's case, the 45-year-old was subjected to a "Blind Taste Test", which according to the actress is "the worst game".

I cant look at it.

While Garner responded to the meme on Instagram, adding her own suggestions like, "Congrats to Shape of Water!". I mean, I started getting texts, as you can image, with people saying, you know, what were you thinking? What were you thinking? "I try really hard not to see myself online, but she was a little unavoidable", she said.

When she stopped by The Ellen Show on Friday, of course Ellen had a few questions about it.

"What is happening? I have no control over this [points to face]". She laughed, adding that she regrets making the face. "I wish I did". DeGeneres, 60, said. "It's weird because when I don't smile, I look like I'm unhappy because that's just the way my mouth is, so if I look like that, I just like that".

Later in the show, the mother of three also addressed another unexpectedly viral social media post ― the one where she burst in tears about "Hamilton" while high on laughing gas at the dentist's office. Sadly, the Love Simon actress had no idea.

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